Offer Diverse Cultural Experiences For The Curious Traveler

Cultural expression as found in local museums and other curated institutions is what truly makes each destination distinct and unique. One of the fastest-growing uses of the Bandwango DXE is in offering museum and culture passes that delight locals and visitors alike. From presidential libraries to museums of art, history, science and, well, culture, destinations are offering easy and attractive passes that curious minds can use to guide them through the very best of what a city has to offer. Whether it’s a new exhibition, or a timeless experience, culture and museum passes are a powerful tool to drive engagement with a desination’s institutions of cultural expression and historical record.

With culture passes powered by Bandwango, destinations can:
  • Get up and running within days, not months
  • Instantly deliver passes to visitors and locals—no apps to download
  • Create time-based options that target short-term visitors and locals alike
  • Deliver real-time passport updates and targeted offers
  • Capture real-time utilization data

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